Client- and Server-side Development

by Marshall L. Schaffer


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1300+ Best Apps, an improved AppStore for Apple Apps. As CTO, I created a site with content selected by my partner. I was entrusted to pick the technologies for the site's front-end and back-end. The front-end used XHTML, CSS 2.1, Javascript, and jQuery. The back-end used PHP 5.x and MySQL. Source code control was Subversion. The IDE was Adobe DreamWeaver. The CMS was Joomla; I wrote several custom Modules in PHP. I also wrote PHP code to integrate Joomla content with our custom MySQL data. Integrated with social media (FaceBook and Twitter) widgets. Wrote an Administrative Interface, which extensively used AJAX, for management of the Apps in our custom MySQL database. Wrote web scraping PHP program to populate the database.

Work for Harmonic Light WavesWeb Interface to a remote cable TV network management system. Adaptation of current layout and functionality to a new hardware device. Implemented DHTML & JavaScript to permit a single web page to manage two versions of the hardware device, which differed in one feature. Server-side software development in C++. View this page

Geezer Chicks Cookbooks This site belonged to the publisher of two regional cookbooks, and was E-commerce enabled. I used JavaScript to give the site some dynamism and convey the personalities of the three authors; their books had a similar (static) graphic, which unified the site's design. The E-Commerce portion of the site was "ShopSite," a third-party shopping cart. View these pages

The owner of a domain name ("") wanted to sell it; this page advertised its availability. The domain name has since been sold to another company, so the web page was successful in its intent. View this page

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